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Welcome to my Shaklee site.  I am Jennifer Henninger, wife of Kurt, mother to Abigail and Elisabeth, city planner, and a Shaklee girl at heart who has a passion for helping others!  I was first introduced to Shaklee nearly 20 years ago. Where has the time gone?  I was working full time as a City Planner,in graduate school, being an Army wife and commuting 72 miles one way to work.  Can you say stressed?  I started suffering from anxiety and an incredibly caring woman at work recommended Shaklee's B-complex to help.  It worked!  It was that introduction that sent me on a path of learning about health and the choices that we have to achieve optimal health.  

As I learned more and saw improvements in my health, I could not help but tell my friends and family about Shaklee.  Through sharing and caring, I started to grow a business that moved with me 5 times-even to another country!  I love helping others improve their health, discovering all the choices we have in personal care, creating multiple streams of income and working with a wonderful group of men and women!  

When Kurt left the Army and was given the opportunity to get his Masters in Information Techology,  I was given the opportunity to return to City Planning.  That was 7 years ago.  In that time I've balanced city planning, two active (and healthy!) girls, and a part time Shaklee business.  I still share and care and my business has steadily grown!  

Are you interested in better health?  Helping others improve their health?  Do you have a family that could benefit from natural supplementation?  I would love to partner with you as you journey to a better life with Shaklee!  

  I see the Shaklee opportunity as a chance to help people with their personal health and, if they chose, their personal wealth. Shaklee is a company with integrity. They are committed to providing the best of nature and science in all their products. And with the career opportunity, Shaklee offers only the best. Everyone can seek their own level of participation, working for oneself and garnering the benefits of this home-based business. Such benefits as income, world-wide travel, bonus cars and supreme flexibility make it an enviable career path-full or part time!